Fuggle Fresh Hop Ale, Seasonal


Description:  This single hop fresh hop summer ale is very dry, in order let the fuggle hop flavor and aroma come through.  This hop is historically the definitive hop of the Willamette Valley.


Malts:  Great Western Organic Two Row Malt. (Malted in Vancouver,WA)


Hops and Basil: Plough Monday Organic Fresh Fuggle Hops (Elmira, OR)


Yeast: Wyeast 1056, American Ale (Hood River, OR)


 I.B.U. ??     A.B.V  5.7      O.G. 1.049          F.G. 1.006              Release Date:  9/14/2014


25327 Jeans Rd. Veneta, Oregon 97487  •  541.935.4004