Northwest Strong Ale, Batch One


Description: Deep Amber Color, strong caramel, alcohol flavor combined with citrus northwest hops taste.


Malts:  Great Western Organic Two row and Crystal Malts. (Malted in Vancouver,WA)


Hops: Plough Monday Farm Organic Magnum, Cascade and Chinook (Grown in Elmira, OR)  IndieHops Organic Crystal (Grown in Silverton, OR)


Yeast: Wyeast 1056, American Ale (Hood River, OR)


 I.B.U.  70    A.B.V  6.7       O.G. 1.074          F.G. 1.014               Release Date:  7/23/2014


25327 Jeans Rd. Veneta, Oregon 97487  •  541.935.4004